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  • "blending both West African and American brands of funk with bluesy grit and psychedelic ambience, along with a chin-out attitude"

    - Billboard

  • Time Undone speaks a universal language and reveals deceptively simple truths at every turn: "Life goes on, don't be fooled, love is good."

    - Thomas Fawcett (Austin Chronicle Review)

  • "Every step forward, each lyric and punctuation, are explicit in purpose"

    - Kahron Spearman (Austin Chronicle)

  • “Sea Of Life" allows plenty of room for James’ emotive vocals to take center stage, all over a lush, rolling backdrop of crunchy guitars and soaring vocal harmonies

    - American Songwriter

  • “Too Low To Get High”, is exemplary of their seamless blend, creating a distinct neo-soul-infused sound the band terms “ethno-funk.” A musical journey that touches the heart while blessing your ears.


  • “Too Low to Get High” showcases Kalu & the Electric Joint’s strong grasp of its craft, a stellar blend of genres from soul to psychedelia.

    - RIFF MAGAZINE - Chloe Catajan